Learning Disability

We support people with many different types of learning disabilities, enabling them to learn essential skills and reach their goals whilst also promoting greater independence.

Our sole focus is always on those we support and what works for them. In collaboration with service users, their circle of support and involved professionals, we create person-centred support plans, to ensure we are building on each person’s strengths, abilities and aspirations.

It’s incredibly important that those we support understand and are happy with their personalised plans. That’s why we create our plans using a variety of different communication methods including spider diagrams, visual plans and goals to enable their understanding. We support individuals to co-produce their plans.

Each support plan promotes an understanding that every individual with learning disabilities will develop at their own pace. We’re very aware that development can be impacted by many factors. So, our teams adapt to the needs of the individual and identify alternate goal-achieving methods which may better suit the person.

Promoting independence with the individual at the centre of their care making their own choices and decisions is key for Abbeys Care as we believe this enhances service users lives. From monetary budgeting, travel training and supporting individuals with learning disabilities to find work or volunteering opportunities in their communities, we help build confidence and abilities so people can live safely with as little support as possible. We are ambitious about what people can achieve and always celebrate achievements, no matter how big or small.

Our team of dedicated support workers comprises both staff with extensive knowledge gained over many years of experience, who work alongside staff new to care, and everyone receives our own specialist training to equip them with the necessary skills to deliver the excellent quality, values-based support that we provide. Team members also undertake additional in-house training including MAPPA training to advance their skill set to meet a service user’s specific learning disability, physical and health needs.

We always endeavour to match staff with the people they support, whether this is through skill set, personality and interests and hobbies as it supports the building of trusting relationships and allows everyone’s talents to shine.

We also support with Autism, physical disabilities, epilepsy and complex health needs.