Physical Disabilities & Epilepsy Support

Physical disabilities and epilepsy are both lifelong conditions and many people are able to live active and fulfilling lives.

We understand that physical disabilities and complex health needs can cause a wide range of challenges for people, which can be physical and emotional and have can have a significant impact on the person’s ability to do what others see as everyday tasks, form friendships and be part of their community.

We work closely with the person, their family, and healthcare professionals so that our support can be seamlessly matched to the positive routines in place.

Our trained staff are passionate and experienced in supporting people with complex needs. Their specialist training ensures staff have the knowledge and skills to meet people’s needs and include:

  • Physical disabilities & health care needs
  • Epilepsy & other neurological diseases
  • Eating, drinking, and breathing difficulties

Continuous reviews are carried out to identify whether our service meets the needs of the person we support. Identifying changes in health and needs and acting quickly to ensure those involved are communicated with, advocating for the person to get the right equipment to support their independence and upskilling our staff through additional training to support the needs of clients eg Peg feeding, Epilepsy & rescue medication, Oxygen Therapy, to name a few enables people we support to remain at home without the need for admission to nursing care.

We see each person’s ability, not their disability, supporting people to break down the barriers, overcome their challenges, and enable individuals to live healthy and valued lives as part of their community.